Saturday, April 07, 2007

Things are Happening

Every time I look at my site, after that last post, it's all messed up, where the various text boxes are and so forth. I haven't changed my code at all, the template for the web site, so I'm not sure what the problem is. (I've been meaning to do a general update of the site for a while, but it hasn't happened yet.) Hopefully, this post will reset the web site to normal.

My parents offered to help me pursue the dealer job in New Buffalo. So I spent yesterday down there looking for a place to stay, and ended up finding an old farmhouse with an upstairs to rent, which is a great situation because everything is included, including WiFi, so I'll have internet service. I'm not sure about telephone, but the only people I ever call anyway are Gil or my folks, since everybody else I talk to online. Gil has an 800 number for his business, and I can use a calling card to talk to my folks. So that part I should be able to make work.

A hitch is that the room in the farmhouse won't be available for anywhere from one to three weeks, so in the short term I'll be staying at a cheap motel on the edge of town (it's a small town) that has a weekly rate. I'm not expecting much from the motel, since it is cheap, but I'll only be there for a short time. I assume that it's as cheap as it is, because it's the off-season as far as summer rentals go; this is a resort area, after all, the first town in Michigan coming from Chicago, and it's Chicagoans who rent most of the, umm, rentals.

There'll be no internet while I'm at the motel, I assume, so this blog will be dark for a bit, but lately it's not unusual for me to have three-week lulls in posting anyway. I do expect to have things to say, about how dealer school progresses, and perhaps I'll write them and then post them all at once once I'm at the farmhouse.

I won't be vehicular while I'm down there. With my recent adventures in Isabella County, my folks seem to have decided that I should sell the car. Since I've been relying on them to help make the payments anyway, that seems like it's what will have to be done. Once I'm getting regular paychecks, this fall, I should be able to get a beat-up used car, and/or around the first of the year actually get something decent. In the meantime, I'll have a bicycle. (The farmhouse actually being in Indiana helps me, driver's-license-wise, in that my Indiana license will be totally free and clear, and clean.)

I've said what I want to say, and somehow this entry seems pretty rambling even though (for me) it's pretty short. I wonder how my blog would read if I actually ever edited anything? In any case, I'll have more in a couple of weeks.


Get yourself a cheap headset and use skype (or a competitor) to make calls over the internet. (Some are free, most are very cheap.)

Good luck in dealer school.
Interesting to know.

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