Monday, January 14, 2002

The rant on traffic laws is probably still forthcoming, but since all I ended up losing from my last encounter with them was one day out of my life, it's not as urgent as it was.

Working more than forty hours a week, with drivetime in addition, is interesting again after a lengthy period of unemployment. As long as one doesn't starve, unemployment is much better. I'm selling much more, and I've had a few killer days, but I don't hardly jump out of bed excited to go to work in the morning. (Amazing: I just used "out of bed" and "morning" in the same sentence, with only about the level of dread appropriate for, say, getting into a car accident.) My days are filled with precisely two things: Work and Sleep. There are a number of my own projects I'd like to do that work gets in the way of. For example, I believe I talked earlier about Java Supremacy, for which I've done no work. I'd like to, but in the little free time I have left, I want to relax and unwind, and beginning a new project is neither. (I've received some interesting suggestions for a new variant of the game, which I've dubbed Supremacy 4.0, but my first priority in this project is to create the basic game. It's easier to aim for a fixed target.)

I need to be able to retire. But short of winning the lottery, I don't see that happening. (Someone from Michigan DID win $80,000,000 on Friday. But he wasn't me.)

On the plus side, it looks like I'm on track to move back to Grand Rapids in March. Why that is a good thing, though, is a whole 'nother topic. I may post it some other day.

Found an interesting site: Some folks in California (of course) are creating their own ten-minute episodes set in the Star Trek universe. I don't have a high-bandwidth connexion, but I downloaded the first episode. The acting is mediocre at best, but the production values are surprising (even if they mainly consist of green-screening characters on sets ripped from episodes of Voyager). The theme music, amusingly, was stolen (in a Napster-ish sense) from Galaxy Quest, a movie that parodied Star Trek and Lost in Space while trying extremely hard to reference neither. In any case, check out http://www.hiddenfrontier.com, especially if you have a high-bandwidth connexion.