Sunday, December 17, 2006

Windows Update Sucks

For various reasons, I'm most commonly using my computer at night, often in the wee hours of the morning. For thoroughly dissimilar reasons, that's when Microsoft most commonly publishes updates to Windows for all the Windows machines in the universe to download automatically. It did so tonight.

After it's done downloading and installing, then about every fifteen minutes a window pops up and says, "Windows Update needs to reboot your system. I'm going to reboot in one minute, unless you click this box."

Okay, that's already pretty annoying. But more annoying is that there's no box for "I'll fucking tell you when I want to reboot, stop fucking asking me, I'm fucking busy!"

Tonight it rebooted while I was standing up from two Full Tilt tables, making a sandwich. Full Tilt saved my seats, so no harm done there, but what if a tournament was on break and I chose to make a sandwich then? I would have missed a number of hands, possibly devastating if I'm very short or the tournament is down to the final table.

Why isn't there a button that says "Don't reboot until I tell you?" I already consider Microsoft to be something of an evil empire—I'd be using a different OS if I wasn't a gamer—and the poor customer service of that dialog box is just fuel on that fire. Is there a way I don't know about to fix this?


microsoft is part of the axis of evil along with walmart and exxon mobil
Get a job, loser.
Assuming you're on XP: Go to the control panel. Double click on "Automatic Updates". I would suggest "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them." Usually Windows will automatically install them when you choose to shut down.
You will forever be my pookie.

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