Saturday, September 16, 2006

Things Continue

Hrmm, "things continue." It seems like there's something pretty Zen in that headline.

Anyway, it's been a little while since I've updated, and the bonus-whoring plan seems to be going well. It's slowed down, some, since I've added poker bonus whoring back into the mix, because it takes forever to earn out the appropriate number of raked hands at the low stakes I play ($1/$2 in a pinch, but usually 50¢/$1). Still, my bankroll is increasing, and for the first time in a while when I write out my entire life savings, it includes a comma.

Cheater Cheater Cheater!

One of the casinos I attempted to play a bonus at, turned out to not want to give me the bonus after all. "Casino Euro" advertised some bonus, I read the terms and conditions, and I deposited. My bonus didn't appear, so I sent them an Email. They told me that the bonus wouldn't apply for players from the United States "per a manager's decision." I withdrew, and they didn't give me a hassle about the withdrawal, except that I'd lost $13.86 due to currency exchange (twice). If I'd truly misread the terms and conditions, I'd be upset but go on with my life, but instead I truly believe that they added the US to their no-bonus list after I deposited.

Most casino sites keep a list of countries that either don't get the bonus, or have much higher playthrough requirements, and that list usually includes Denmark and most of Eastern Europe. The US is never included because, while we do have our shares of bonus whores, there are far more people here with more money than sense who choose to really gamble online.

I recommend therefore staying away from Casino Euro, although its sister site Cherry Casino is fine for US players.

Blind Play

After mentioning my horrible blind play, PokerDogg found a blog which recently touched on the topic, saying in essence that if you choose to defend against a possible steal, usually three-bet preflop and bet any flop, but mix in a call preflop and then a check-raise on any flop. You can read his entry on the topic for his reasoning, but I find it sound. It won't fix all of my blind-play problems, but it's one piece of the puzzle.

I have to say as well that I'm really digging his blog overall. PokerDogg's mention of it is the first time it's been on my radar at all, but what I like about it is his repeated discussion of how much a "straight" job isn't for him. I'm not poetic enough to talk about "dying a little inside" every day I report to a straight job, but I sure know how he feels. He's kept a sustained winrate that's truly enviable, too.

In Iggyesque terms, does that count as blog pimpage?