Sunday, August 06, 2006

And, in Other News . . .

My last post isn't, of course, everything there is to tell about being in Las Vegas. I think I covered the high points (or low points) pretty well, but I expect other things to slip into future entries that came from my time there. Things like "The buffet at the Mirage is OK but not worth full price, however, the buffet at the Wynn is absolutely worth the (high) asking price."

I have played some poker since I've been back. I had like $20 left on a few different sites before I went to Vegas, and I couldn't touch that while I was there. Since I've been back, though, I've played micro- and low-limits with that money, running it up to $1700 at one point before spiraling down to $150ish, where I am now. (Ermm, that's after two $100 withdrawals, but it's still $150.) It's interesting to run from 10¢/20¢ to $5/$10 in a week of running well, and run back down to 50¢/$1 in another two weeks of running badly.

I've also played a bit live. Gil has staked me several times in Mt.Pleasant, and several other times I had enough from those sessions that I could play on my own. I'm not keeping records right now (I don't consider myself a pro right now), but I'd estimate I'm small loser in Mt.Pleasant since I've been back. (Gil estimates he's small winner.)

We've also played a couple of Manistee's Tuesday tournaments since I've been back, but neither of us has moneyed. The last time was just this week, and I came closer to the money: I think I went out twelfth when eight paid.

Hmm, I seem to remember there was more I wanted to put into this post. So far it's not very interesting.

I'm running okay the last several times I've played live, and I'm running okay at micro-limits online, so I have reason to believe my game might have turned a corner, in a sort of admitting-you-have-a-problem-is-the-first-step kind of way. In yesterday's play (+$160 at $3/$6, half of that to Gil), Gil was sitting right next to me, and a number of times I was the one who would have played more cautiously in his situation. That's a reversal of the usual when we discuss hands. So, maybe I'm beginning to play more straightforwardly, to my benefit at low- and micro-limits. I've been trying to; it seems to be working. But my sample size is admittedly low.

Okay, I'm not happy with this post at all. It doesn't actually say anything interesting at all. But I'll post it anyway; they can't all be gems.

"DegenDanny" says hi, by the way. Apparently the URL of his new blog is a secret; he won't tell me.