Saturday, January 22, 2005

Reload Bonus

For those who care about such things, PartyPoker has made a 20% to $200 reload offer: Here is the link. It's good from January 21 to 26, and makes me wish I had $1000 sitting in my checking account.

Not So Much “Soaring” As “Plummeting”

Despite the good things I said about Motor City Casino, it's still twice as far away as the closest casino, Mt. Pleasant's Soaring Eagle. They added more tables recently, bringing the total to fourteen, and is turning into a decent poker room with a number of caveats, that I'll probably talk about another time.

Mainly I play $3/$6 and $6/$12 holdem, although I've been known to sit $3/$6 stud or $3/$6 Omaha/8 when there's a spot there but a long wait for a holdem seat. I also took a shot at their $10/$20 game once, but my cards ran so poorly that I don't think I have an accurate handle on how I stack up against that game.

My last several trips there, I was up $100 in each of two $3/$6 sessions, and then down $200 in a $6/$12 rock garden (where my cards also ran poorly), and then was up yesterday to play some $3/$6. Despite a pretty good game, especially at the beginning, I went card-dead after the first hour and bled off my winnings and $100 besides. Then, not having played O/8 live, I sat that game, and was up a little and down a little but basically broke even, despite what I think were poor starting hands—it's so hard to tell in a game you don't know well.

I'm still riding pretty close to the wire; it's time to pay myself this weekend out of my online winnings, but they haven't been as great as they should have been, either. I'll still pay myself, but that will put me against the wall earnings-wise for next week; I'll be in a must-perform situation. Well, I knew my back was to the wall this time; all I can do is charge ahead.

I still wish I could deposit the $1000 I'd need to take full advantage of the reload bonus. I'd work off the bonus in two days at most, and a free $200 is nothing to sneeze at.)


Good luck,

Welcome back LG. Nice to see you back to the blogging after all this time. I look forward to reading up on the newest adventures :)

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