Tuesday, October 19, 2004

An Odd Dream

Have I mentioned that I dream about poker now?

I know I've had dreams about being in Vegas, and I can kind of recall one where I was trying to get to the poker room at the Mirage. I think Cactus Dave was there, but the part before I woke up was basically like walking around outside and then through a big mall.

But last night I had another dream. I was playing in the Big One at the World Series, and it wasn't going well. Or, at least, it didn't seem like it to me, but one of the "scenes" had me playing a hand, and losing a couple of chips, and then that part of the game was over, because everyone in the room had busted out except me. Dream-logic didn't account for where all of their chips went, but I didn't have them. (I remember also that the chips this early were mostly $1 chips, although there was what must have been $9900 in big chips too. And the chips were all smaller than normal.)

I didn't feel like I was playing well, and assuredly I wasn't, because I remember calling a raise and folding at the same time. Fortunately, even if I'd lost my senses, the others at the table hadn't, and they were razzing me about my horrid play on that hand. In any case, if I ever participate in the real Big One, I hope my play goes better than in this dream.

A Request from a ... Guy ...

I've been asked by "DegenDanny" to pimp his blog at degendanny.blogspot.com. He's starting out, and we'll see how his blog goes, but he starts with a couple of descriptions of recent tournament scores. And those are always fun. In chatting with him, he comes across as a crazy liberal who believes all the "Fahrenheit 911" stuff, even the stuff that contradicts itself, and really thinks that terrorists would like it better if we backed off, like Senator Pussy wants to do. But he's promised to keep politics out of his blog, so we can excuse him for that.


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