Sunday, October 17, 2004

A Good Day ... Again

It's been a couple of weeks since that 39¢-into-$250 day at DoylesRoom, and since then I've mostly been treading water. A little up this day, a little down that day, treading water. I'm down to a few bucks at DoylesRoom, but hovered around $200 at PartyPoker for a long time.

Most of my play has been at $1/$2, to build bankroll, although this has gone surprisingly slowly. The play has felt a lot like when I'm sitting $3/$6 at the casino; I see everyone else hitting big hands but all I'm doing is hitting fold, fold, fold. Fortunately the up-a-little, down-a-little mostly has been up-a-little, even if it's been a slow slog.

I've occasionally bought into the $2/$4 bad-beat tables, for two reasons: First, the BBJ play is, as I've discussed elsewhere, looser even than the regular play at the same limits, and in theory the games should thus be more profitable. Second, if I hit the jackpot it'd be a nice little deus ex machina, catching me up on my bills at the least and being a hefty windfall at the most. (By my math breakeven play on a BBJ table is +EV no later than the $200,000 point—if you expect to play until the jackpot hits, anyway.) This BBJ play has been slightly negative in result.

More recently, though, it's turned around; the BBJ play has been slightly positive. This might be for any number of reasons, including simple variance, but I'd like to think it's a difference in my play. But if it's anything along those lines, it could only be my increased willingness to make plays when the flop seems to warrant them.

Which brings me to today. In five hours I was on four different $2/$4 BBJ tables, and left three of them up a couple of bucks. But on the fourth, I couldn't lose; I was up over $100 before I caught two huge pots back-to-back to put me up $250 on that table. I was up and down, but left that table up $250, and with the bit I'd won on the other tables, it was an over $300 day.

I made sort of a "test" withdrawal today; my bank account has been overdrawn for over a month, and so I'm not entirely sure I even have a bank account at the moment. We'll see what happens with the $100 I withdrew. If I can't withdraw, I'm stuck for the moment, until I get a paycheck and can reopen my bank account. But in any case, my bankroll approaches a reasonable level again, and for that, I'm happy.


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