Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Good Day

Another good day, more than $400 to the good, finally let me do a significant withdrawal from PartyPoker, for the first time in a long time. I was playing $2/$4 BBJ, so that's over 100 big bets, if you're counting. For all I've whined about those tables being bad to me, I've had only one losing day in the last week, which I more than made up the next day.

Now, when I'm running good, $2/$4 BBJ seems like it's still people playing with their cards face-up, like the regular $2/$4 is, with the added benefit that winning hands are going to win a few extra bets from people who see flops (for multiple bets) with jackpot-eligible hands.

But, on the other hand, I am running good, and it's easily possible that I haven't figured out a damned thing, but only that I'm running good. Since I've reset PartyPoker I've played over 3800 hands at this writing, and my showdowns won (particularly) is historically high at 73%. I've won money when I've seen the flop 33% of the time, which feels historically high, but I'm not sure what the number is, and my PT database is now so huge I dread opening it. (I'll start a new database next Thursday, since that will officially start my "semi-pro" career.)

I did run into something of a snag yesterday, though, unfortunately after I withdrew the $500 to my account. The "test" withdrawal last week seemed to work, sort of, so I did a real withdrawal yesterday afternoon. But I went out to dinner, believing what the bank's computer said, that I had $15 or so in my checking account. Unfortunately, when the clerk ran my debit card, she got the error message "No Account," which confused the hell out of her, but my card didn't work. I interpret that as my checking account is closed, for being overdrawn for however long it was, but I'll talk to the bank later about it.

I'm a bit amused, too, because "No Account" seems to me to be the same error message that might be displayed if my card was actually counterfeit. I'm not clever enough to make a counterfeit debit MasterCard, but if I were, Curses! foiled again.


Keep up the good work. Just don't go risking a large portion of your bankroll at higher stakes and you'll be fine.
Actually my current plan involves staying at $2/$4 BBJ until I have about a $1500 BR, which includes plans for a number of withdrawals, so actually around $4000 of withdrawals on the way to that $1500. Now, I might spice that up with some tournaments, but cash-game play is, for the next couple of months at least, going to center on $2/$4 and maybe $3/$6 BBJ tables. No $5/$10 or up, anyway.
I am in Michigan also, where do you live? I am near Lansing.
How are the Soaring Eagle poker rooms now?
Did they expand? Are the players any good?
Do they run tournys?

Only place I have played live so far is St Ignace Kewadin and Canada Soo St Marie(sp?)

Talk to ya later
I'm in Grand Rapids.

Soaring Eagle is probably the worst of the poker rooms within a two- or three-hour drive, but it's the closest of them. I'm not as soured on them as I have been, but it's definitely the worst-run. Unfortunately, the lists for their games often have as many as 100 people on them; demand for poker is so high that even a crappy and badly-run room makes money by the bucketfuls.

No regularly-scheduled tournaments at Soaring Eagle. For that try Little River in Manistee or the Trump in Chicago.

I haven't been to St. Ignace, Sault Ste. Marie, or any of the other Upper Peninsula casinos. I've heard that the one on the Michigan side at the Soo closed their poker room, but I didn't pay a lot of attention because that would be a huge long hell of a drive.

Good to hear from you!
I've played in St. Ignace a few times and it's decent. The've only had one or two tables running when I was there and more times than not it's a dealer's choice table playing hold'em, pineapple, crazy pineapple, and omaha. You can choose whichever of the 4 you want and you can play them as either High or High/Low. Even Hold'em!! Their nickname for Hold'em High/Low was Polish Hold'em. They run bad beat jackpots and I was at a table once when it hit at over $10,000. Their betting structure is $3/$5/$10/$10 with blinds of $1 and $3. Kind of a goofy structure if you ask me.

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