Monday, October 18, 2004

Almost a Casino Win

Gil staked me again in Mt. Pleasant yesterday, to their $3/$6 game, meaning $100. There was a seat open on their Stud game when we got there, so I took that, and got out to a quick couple-buck profit. Then a couple more seats opened, and Gil sat to my left, and promptly blew $50. My suspicion is that he was a little looser than I was, or a little prouder of (for example) the Kings he had showing on his board, and so he lost. I still don't consider that I know the game, but it was apparent that Gil knew it less. So when they opened a new Holdem table, I left down about $10 and Gil left down about $50.

Our Holdem game was a great, loose-aggressive game. This meant high-variance, though, and my results convinced me mostly that $100 is too little to sit a $3/$6 game. I went up $100 early, and then between bleed and second-bests fell down to less than $20 on the table, before getting back on a rush, standing up with $97 of my $100 after Gil went bust (the second time).

This morning I'm up early before I head in to start work at my own location, and getting in a few hands before I head in. I'll be sitting for another twenty minutes or so, but as it stands I'm up about $100 in an hour, which is always good.

I've kind of decided that I want to be pulling about $1000 a month out of poker, now that I have a bankroll again, and a job as well. This is about half what I planned on before, but I'll also be playing fewer hands. The two together suggest that $1000 a month might be ambitious, but we'll see; I'm running good lately so at the moment it sounds like cake to do $1000 a month.

The other part of the plan is to play for the occasional windfall, which probably means that on my off weeks I play a couple of the bigger tournaments. A five-figure payday from that, or from hitting a jackpot, would probably send me west, finally, but I might try a couple of things before making that step to ensure that I can stay there. (Like, find out if I can beat PartyPoker's $15/$30 game over the long term, which a real bankroll would let me do.)

Anyway, off to work, so good luck and good cards.


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