Monday, August 09, 2004

Tourney Victories, and Tourney Losses

Congratulations to BadBlood for his 10th-place finish in Sunday's morning $5+$1 tournaments. It was only worth $65, but that is thirteen buyins, and they started going up quickly at that point. That's why I wonder if his shoving in with Ace-little after several limpers was a brilliant move, because every place he moved up at that point was worth several buyins. But on the other hand, I haven't had a final table in a multi in a while, so who am I to say?

I did sit the Anniversary Special tournament Sunday night, having won a seat as I mentioned earlier. The tournament was bigger than the ones earlier, with 1251 players, paying first place $75,000, and even 70th place made over $1000.

Because of the freerolls attached to this tournament, my main goal was to make the top 40% of the tournament, or at least 500th place. It didn't happen. I've decided I play the early stages of the multitables a bit too aggressively; I ended up putting someone all-in when I held JJ to an AAx board. He didn't have the Ace, as I figured, but he had QQ, chopping my legs out from under me. I was up against a slowplayed monster on my last hand, but that didn't matter as much as losing with JJ vs. QQ. And I'm chastising myself about that play anyway; Jacks aren't that great a hand when someone's calling you down. Oh well. Even if I didn't get into the $100,000 freeroll next weekend, I'm in a $25,000 freeroll, and that's the one likely to have the worse players. But still, dammit.


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