Sunday, August 22, 2004

Poker Occurs

Not many posts of late as my poker play has been sharply curtailed. My bankroll is so close to zero as to basically be zero, leaving me only an occasional opportunity to play a sit-and-go, perhaps. Some of those have gone well, some haven't.

But I did make it to Manistee yesterday, because Gil wanted to go and he offered to stake me. I'm glad I went.

The room is the same as ever, with the same pool of 30 to 50 regulars of which 10 to 20 show up on a particular weekend night, mixed in with a crop of people who I think of as having "wandered in from the casino floor," although this includes people who are visiting from other places that have poker rooms, so they aren't all bad players.

My day was respectable, +$64 or eight big bets in the six hours or so we were there. I was up and down from that mark, of course, but never was in serious danger of going out nor was I ever up hugely. +$150 was probably my high-water mark and −$30 was probably my low-water mark. And this was against a table made up of players who mostly knew what they were doing, although there were one or two calling stations which turned the rest of the table on to "let's see a flop" mode. A preflop raise, though, would as often get called in six places as it would narrow the field; there were a number of people who like to play big pots. I have to determine in my mind how to adjust to that.

And that's about all of the poker that's gone on this week. My bankroll is pretty much zero, so I've been playing the occasional sit-and-go but mostly doing other things in preparation for hitting the pavement this week.

Unless, of course, someone wants to stake me ... $2000 should cover my bills and give me enough bankroll to get back into the swing of things. Hint, hint, hint ...


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