Saturday, August 07, 2004

Coming Soon

I haven't updated in a couple of days, but most of the neat things that are happening haven't actually happened yet.

—I'm heading in an hour or two down to the Trump Casino outside Chicago, there to meet a couple of fellow bloggers. Gil should also be coming, but not Cactus Dave. I should have a trip report early next week.

—Week 26 of my pro career has passed, half a year, and it makes some sense to put a longish post together about how it's gone. (The short version: Not very well.) I'll probably have that up this coming week, also.

—I've said already that we could begin our Nomic game as soon as Monday. If you're interested, sign up on the appropriate forum and let us know. Unless someone signs on with a surname earlier alphabetically than "Baker," Dylan will be able to take the first move on Monday. (I haven't heard any strong objections to beginning with Suber's set, Initial Set 1, so I'm assuming that's what we'll start with.)

—Speaking of the fora, a degrees-of-separation guy suggested a forum for posting bad beats. (Humm, I may be about to have one right here, eight people in for two bets and me with AK.) Anyway, if you feel you have to vent, now you have a place to do it. This is probably more useful for readers than fellow bloggers, since fellow bloggers already have a place to vent.

—I'm about to walk across the room for some of my morning coffee. If I don't end up with anything else to say, I'll blog about how good or bad my coffee was. I did have to open a new package of coffee filters, and you never know how something like that will affect my coffee ... (shudder)


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