Monday, July 19, 2004

Summer Sweaters?

I had a nice finish in a tournament last night, finishing 15th out of 1313 for a $300 profit, about ten buyins. I was in great shape with about 30 left, having my stack over 100,000, but my AQ went up against AK, which chopped one leg out from under me, and later my AJ♣ went up against KK to knock me out of the tournament. Notice that I'm not mentioning the time my TT was up against KK, and the board came A2345 for a split. That really pissed off the guy with KK.

Thanks to Hdouble, the Extremely Young Poker Player, and DylanBaker (he of the really clever nickname), for sweating me for the last hour or so. Hdouble particularly was a great help; I ended up running most of my plays by him before I made them.

Now, if I can only ratchet that up one more step, so that I'm finishing 5th instead of 15th, I'll win some real money. (I think 5th paid about $2000 in that tourney.)


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