Thursday, July 01, 2004

Plugging Away: Saturday, August 7

Just a reminder, that August 7 is the Midwest Blogger Poker Game at the Trump Casino in Gary, Indiana (immediately outside Chicago). Bloggers and readers both are encouraged to come out.

Among the bloggers attending are expected to be Chris Halverson of Minneapolis, Iggy of Cincinnati, BG of Grand Haven, Lord Geznikor of Grand Rapids, and people associated with them such as m7 and Gil.

If you're pretty much anywhere in the Midwest, or want to be, come to Chicago that weekend. The Trump has good prices on rooms, even though the casino isn't really anywhere near any of Chicago's other entertainment. (The White Sox are in town that weekend, the Cubs aren't, and the Bears' preseason starts the following weekend.)

I discussed this before, and it got some positive responses, so I'm pushing it again when we're a month out, both as a reminder and as a new invitation to come. So come on!


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