Friday, May 14, 2004

Why do I bother?

Recently I had this exchange with a fellow who was a bit upset at a bad beat. Besides the fact that he seems to be a walking time bomb, I really don't think he understands.

Unfortunately, this was on the table I was down on; of the four I was playing, this conversation had to happen on the table at which I was down $60–$70. At least he didn't bring that up.

I cut-n-pasted the exchange, below; I removed most of the hand results that intervened.

#597371387: [     ] wins $73 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and fours.
b: f uu c
b: bs
b: dominated and still wins
LordGeznikor: Shiit happens
b: pretty coincidental that people win after making fishy plays
LordGeznikor: Remember, you WANT people to play bad. That's how you win. You ARE a winning player, aren't you?
b: no. i lose
LordGeznikor: Does complaining about it help you win more, or should you try something else?
b: yes it helps u win more
b: you don't trap up your anger
b: think about it
b: you'll go on tilt trapping your anger
b: serenity now
LordGeznikor: Why should it make you angry?
b: gimme a break
b: you're such an idealist
b: what are u a zen bhuddist?
LordGeznikor: No, but I'm starting to sound like a head-shrinker
b: no kidding
LordGeznikor: Seriously, though, if you can't take the bad beats, you need a new hobby
b: you can't take it either.
b: you're just kidding yourself by saying u can
b: go ahead and keep telling everyone you're a cool kat
b: in time, you will blow up
LordGeznikor: I don't enjoy them, certainly, but if someone puts a really bad beat on you, it means he's playing like an idiot
LordGeznikor: And I >like< people to play like idiots
b: there u go, now i can see the rage in you
LordGeznikor: Okay, fine, I can barely contain my anger, I might snap at any minute. Happy?
b: at least you're being honest with yourself now
LordGeznikor: Remember, too, that the better player you are, the more the ONLY beats you take are bad beats
b: dude, i still can't stand them
b: too many happen to me
b: it's easy to look from the outside and say stay calm
b: but when it happens to you...
b: think twice next time when you give them the talk you gave me
LordGeznikor: When it happens, I grumble, and move on
LordGeznikor: I'm on four tables ... I MUST move on when I get beat
b: i'm sure u do more than that some times
LordGeznikor: Occasionally ... but I move on
b: well everyone does
b: it's easier to move one when you release it all at once.
b: that's a proven fact
b: like i said, serenity now
LordGeznikor: Release WHAT? You make it sound like it's a murderous rage ... I'm just disappointed
b: now you're exaggerating
LordGeznikor: But I look at the long haul, and over the long haul, you like players in your game that play bad cards

[Edited: After I originally posted this, the conversation continued.]
LordGeznikor: I just talked about you on my web site, b
LordGeznikor: rhymeswithjoker.com
[Somebody Else]: interesting site LordG
LordGeznikor: Thanks
b: you make it sound like it's a crime to show your emotions
LordGeznikor: No, just that a bad beat isn't reason to fly into a rage
b: probably does you more harm to keep it inside you
b: 1 bad beat yes.
b: but 4 or 5 in a row
b: come on
b: you didn't even know the circumstances
LordGeznikor: You're missing the point: it's not WORTH going in to a rage about.
b: you're missing the point
b: it is worthwhile
b: from a mental standpoint
b: it is healthy
b: do you know anything about serenity now?
LordGeznikor: Several in a row is frustrating, yes, and if it is too frustrating you take a break ... but you don't go beat up your kids
b: you're just saying that because "on TV" they say, "I like how he keeps his composure"
b: it's all fake when they "keep their composure"
b: you're just being like everyone else
b: or the way everyone wants u to be
LordGeznikor: You'd rather everyone crybabied it up like Hellmuth?
b: hell, why not
b: if it helps them mentally
b: which it does
b: then let them
b: like i said, you're a walking time bomb if you keep the rage inside you
b: your gonna end up like columbine
LordGeznikor: Even though, in Hellmuth's case, it makes him look like a giant flaming ásshole?
b: now your getting mad like one
LordGeznikor: I'm not mad ... I'm laughing at someone taking bad beats so seriously
[Note: Here my JJ made a set, only to lose to a QQ that made a set, too.]
LordGeznikor: This may be a bad beat
b: well yeah, it was
LordGeznikor: Well, semi; set-over-set sucks
b: i had kk
LordGeznikor: But [     ] had the better hand going in
LordGeznikor: Than me, I mean

Well, there you have it. Hope you never piss this guyt off.


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