Friday, May 21, 2004


I do want to thank whoever it was who pointed out the bonus opportunity on Intertops Poker. It's a PartyPoker skin, of course, so on the ring games you're playing the same pool of fish you are at PartyPoker. But, as on Empire, they run their own multi-table tournaments, and, as on Empire, their tourneys have large overlays when not enough people sign up for their tourneys. Their "big" tourney is a $2500 guaranteed $50 buyin tournament, and that usually does have enough contestants to make the guarantee, but some of their qualifying tourneys don't have nearly enough contestants.

Both Saturday and Sunday this week, there are qualifiers for big European tourneys, one in Spain and one in Austria. Neither will have enough players to pay for the number of guaranteed seats, and so I place the odds at about 50% that I'll end up winning a buyin (and trip) to an Austrian tournament in June. I had planned on buying into the qualifier directly ($100), but a $2 sub-sub-qualifier begged to be played this afternoon. About 50 minutes in, I'm in second chip position in the entire tournament. Of course, only 24 people registered, and they're giving away 8 seats to the sub-qualifier in a couple of hours, which means even this sub-sub-qualifier has a $148 overlay for a $2 buyin, or three times the total of all the entry fees! The sub-qualifier in a couple of hours should have a slightly lower overlay proportionally, but there should still be overlay. And hey, if I don't place, I can always still buy in directly.

Thanks again!


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