Thursday, May 13, 2004

Just Something I Noticed

Nobody seems to get rich on the $5/$10 full tables on PartyPoker. The standard buyin is $250. I'm currently sitting with $310 (after a beat, and about three hours of play), and I've got the second-most chips on the table of all of my opponents. (I was first before that beat.)

It seems that this is a table of decent players, pushing chips around the table and watching most of them spiral down into the drop. When someone goes on a little run, it's usually because another player makes a mistake. (I admit it, I make my share of mistakes, too.) It seems very unusual at these tables, to go on a run and amass a lot of chips. (I did it yesterday, yay me!)

Maybe $5/$10 isn't really a great place to seek one's fortune. Maybe that's true only on PartyPoker, I don't know, but it seems so after an admittedly small sample of sessions. For reasons I've already covered, though, $10/$20 or $15/$30 are still a bit rich for me.

Does anyone else find the tables to run this way?


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