Thursday, May 06, 2004

Damn, and I Can't Go

I read that Iggy, BG, Pauly, and Al (can't hang) and going to be in Louisville this weekend, playing at Cæsar's of Indiana. I hear the games are pretty good there, including particularly that the $10/$20 is perpetually loose-aggressive. But I have a family deal going on Sunday, in Lansing, Michigan, and to drive all that way for one day's play, only to have to drive back the next day, is a little much. In fact, it upsets me so much that I just limped in, in early position, with queen-jack offsuit. Amazingly, I had to give up the hand.

I do want to go to this family thing, because I haven't seen that sister in a couple of months; since before I turned pro, I think. And it's still cool enough to talk about playing cards for a living, that to do it with new people is still, well, cool. (For example, I love mentioning it when I'm having dinner at the bar. Too bad more people don't ask.)

But, I want to meet up with everyone in Louisville, too. Hmm, maybe we can make this a quarterly event? The Midwest Bloggers Championship, in Detroit or Chicago or Louisville, would be an exceptionally cool event to do every three months or so. Let's call this thing next weekend the first one, and make the next one in Chicago in early August ... how about Saturday, August 7. (In Chicago, even Halverson could probably come ... if it's on a weekend.) Rooms are cheap, too, at the casino I have in mind (the Trump), so even though the casino is far from Chicago's entertainment district we could still make a weekend of it.

That's what I love about writing this blog: I start out whining about not being able to make the weekend in Louisville, and I end up coming up with what is actually a pretty good idea. I'll probably push it a bit more as we get closer to it.

Week thirteen wrapup coming soon. I made my nut, but after two weeks of not making it, it was still a disappointing week. On the other hand, today I had my third-best day ever on PartyPoker, and the other two were both tournament scores.