Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Semi-Hammer

27 in the big blind. I have the "Check/Fold" button pressed, because I've got three other tables that might get a hand, and I don't really care if people see that I've checked really quickly when it's my action.

Board flops AKQ♠. The small blind (angelsrule) bets out, almost certainly with an ace and maybe two pair or the straight. But I have a ridiculous flush draw, and so I raise. When the small blind three-bets, I call along, and get my diamond on the turn. Here I merely call, but he checks the river (another diamond), so I bet out. He calls, and I show my suited hammer for the win.

The funny bit is this exchange afterward:

#541383732: LordGeznikor wins $60 from
the main pot with a flush, ace high.

LordGeznikor: Fear the HAMMER!
angelsrule: fk off lord
LordGeznikor: I love you too