Monday, April 12, 2004

Moving Soon

I just bought some web space and registered rhymeswithjoker.com, so sometime in the next day or so this site will be moving. I don't know how long blogspot keeps web pages around, so be prepared for nothing showing up here.

I may tweak my RSS/Atom settings to the hated "summary" mode, because the Blogbomb thing worries me a bit. I haven't noticed my content going out to other sites, but I wouldn't, necessarily, would I?

My week's summary should get posted tomorrow, but I'll say at this point that I continue to run good. If I have merely a day that is merely typical of the last two weeks, I should post a +$1500 week. I will say, though, that I'm not entirely convinced that my own stellar play is to "blame" for my doing well ... the cards are also (mostly) going my way. Particularly, I seem to be hitting more than my share of sets when I have a pocket pair. This might be real, my impression, or it might be that I'm playing so many more hands now: four tables at once and over 1000 hands a day on average.

Anyway, new site coming. Start marking your bookmarks to rhymeswithjoker.com, and your Email to LordGeznikor AT rhymeswithjoker DOT com.