Saturday, April 03, 2004

A Discovery

I picked up a second monitor this afternoon, so that with my four tables going I still have a window open to check baseball scores, Email, and, when I'm so completely bored that it's impossible to keep my sanity, maybe, just maybe, read poker blogs. Not only is it a pretty nice one, connecting to my computer via the DVI port that I've heretofore left unused, but it's a product of the Lucky Goldstar corporation, which means that at the bottom is a nice LG logo. More things should have the initials of my chosen nom de plume ... no, wait, that's French, I mean, my chosen pseudonym. Damn French.

Anyway, having mastered four tables to the point where I can read Email or blogs while I'm playing, and having read all of the Email I care to and caught up the blogs I keep track of, I decided I'd try adding to my challenge: If I can master four tables, why not five? Six, maybe? But no: Upon attempting to take my seat at the fifth table, I was told "You have already 4 table(s). To open a new table you need to close one of the opened table(s)."

I'm not completely defeated, of course. I could easily open an Empire account and play a couple of tables there. Well, maybe not easily, but Hdouble has posted how to open an Empire account if you're already on Party, and I assume others have as well. But I'm not really sure I want to put that much effort into playing six tables at once. I'm not sure it's a good idea.