Saturday, April 24, 2004

But What About Winning Players?

PartyPoker is offering a 15% deposit bonus through April 30 with the deposit code RELOAD. It maxes out at $100, which is 15% of $666.67 if you were planning on depositing.

But I haven't made a deposit since January. Oh, boo hoo, it's so unfair, winning players can't take advantage ...

Actually, I could, but I'd need to withdraw almost right away, too. And after a losing day yesterday, my online bankroll is below $2000, boo hoo hoo ...   —Actually, I probably have almost exactly $666.67 in my checking account at the moment, and $100 is $100. I'd have to play 1000 raked hands before the $100 is mine, but hell, I do that in a night.

Okay, I'm doing it ... there. Now I have a free $100 in my account. Deposits are instant (of course), so I see that free $100 in my account. I'll start the engine of withdrawal tomorrow. I wonder how I should log that? Probably "4/24 FREE MONEY +$100" or something. I wonder if I can do this twice?

Now for my biggest hope of all: I hope that the fish that take advantage of the bonus add greatly to my bottom line.