Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Week Six Wrapup

Until the end, week six was horrid. If it weren't for some encouraging signs late in the week, I'd really start to wonder. As it is, I only wonder a little bit.

The scary thing is that I'm not making my nut. Two of the three weeks that were unlogged, I was down; I'm not sure how much exactly. And of the three weeks that are logged, I'm up in two of them, but not enough. I'm not in any mortal financial danger yet, but I don't think I can attribute my results entirely to variance. I'm up a few bucks in the fifteen minutes or so I've been playing today but I don't know if a trend has re-started.

I notice as I type up this week's table that I have a lot of sessions marked "Rebuy." I have a couple of thoughts about this. First, going down $150 in a session is a big swing, 25 big bets, but if I rebought it wasn't because I thought I played badly or my opponents were particularly tough. Some combination of poor cards and tough beats usually drove me down. The flip side of big wins at loose tables is, of course, big losses, and I think that's what I suffered. I'm interested in others' comments on this point particularly.

There were a couple of promising signs this week. My streak of losing sessions in live play has ended with a modest win at $5/$10 at the Trump, as I posted earlier. Someone lost a $5000 pot in the $5/$5 no-limit game while I was there, so I should be glad I'm not him. Or maybe, pissed that I'm not the guy that won the pot.

The other promising sign is tournament play. It's been a little while since I've played tournaments, and longer since I've played no-limit. But I had respectable finishes in three of the four multi-table tournaments I played in this week, including the two no-limit tournaments I played. Even in the fourth I placed in the upper half, which truly isn't any worse than the two near-bubble finishes as payout goes. And of course I mentioned my win in a super-satellite to a super-satellite to the $25,000-buyin tournament at the Bellagio next month.

I haven't won the $25,000 seat yet, and truly that's not very likely, but I figure if I do win it, I'll probably sell the seat. It would be neat to play in a tournament with poker's top players, but I wouldn't spend $25,000 to do that if I had to lay out the cash; I'd be dead money in the big tournament and I know it. I'd rather take the $25,000 and use it to move to Vegas, where the casino-play opportunities are much greater than here.

The grisly details:
Date Location Time Stakes Results Notes
3/9 PP Tbl 12238 ~8P-11:15 $3/$6 + 14.00 Rebuy
PP High Hopes ~8P-11:15 $3/$6 123.50
PP Tbl 12421 1:25A-7:20 $3/$6 + 18.50
PP Ice Cheese 1:25A-7:20 $3/$6 174.50
Total for 3/9: –265.50
3/10 PP Mesmerizing Moments 11P-12A$3/$6 108.00 Rebuy
PP Flombe 11P-12:30 $3/$6 83.00
PP Brownies 12A-4:30 $3/$6 + 98.50 Azmodus & Scott Chaffin
PP Tbl 11351 12:20A-4:30$3/$6 222.50 Rebuy
Total for 3/10: –315.00
3/11 Lost in a timewarp. Yes, really. It's sort of the opposite of leap-year day.
3/12 PP Brownies 8:05A-8:25 $3/$6 5.00
PP Autumn Breeze 8:05A-8:25 $3/$6 7.00
Trump Gary 11:30A-12:30$5/$10 + 7.00 One hand: KK good
Trump Gary 12:30P-3:30$3/$6 55.50 OK table but poor cards
Total for 3/12: – 60.50
3/13 Trump Gary 11A-5P $5/$10 + 59.00 Poor cards but up!
Total for 3/13: + 59.00
3/14 PP Gold Canyon 5:50A-7:20 $3/$6 130.50 Rebuy
PP Peanuts 5:50A-10:30$3/$6 + 62.50
PP Pirates Cove 7:25A-10:30$3/$6 37.50 Rebuy
PP Multi-Table 11AM Limit 33.00 Finish: 137 of 319
PP Multi-Table 11:30AM Limit 10.00 Finish: 27 of 163
PP Multi-Table 12:30PM NL 24.00 Finish: 27 of 245
Total for 3/14: –172.50
3/15 PP Mona Lisa 8:50A-12:00$3/$6 + 179.00 Decksmack, at end
PP Peanuts 8:55A-9:35 $3/$6 + 106.50
PP A nony loves...9:05A-11:50$3/$6 + 94.50
PP Autumn Breeze 9:35A-12:00$3/$6 + 150.50 Table of Dreams, Early
PP Multi-Table 12:30PM NL 24.00 WIN! Finish 10 of 165
PP Single-Table 1:10PM Limit 8.00 Finish 6 of 10 on bad beat
Total for 3/15: +498.50 (Plus buyin for next week)
Week Six Total: –256.00
Cumulative Weeks 4-6: +431.74