Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Week Four Wrapup

Week four stopped the hemhorraging of weeks two and three. I didn't have a great week, but I didn't have a thoroughly horrid week, which is an improvement.

I started keeping a log of how I do. After some disappointing casino play in weeks two and three, I found that I really didn't have a good idea exactly how much I was down. I'd always scoffed at the logs in the past, reasoning that I knew about where I was, lifetime, in both online and casino play. But in weeks two and three I don't know, and that's the second time I didn't have a clear handle on how much I'd lost. I don't like that.

My streak of doing worse in the casinos than online continued. My last post had in it what I'd lost over the weekend, and though it wasn't much, when I rely on $100 a day in income, losing $150ish over two days becomes a true loss of $350. Truly, I don't entirely know why this should be, the doing worse in the casino; the immediate thought is that I might have some obvious tell that others are picking up on. But I win nice pots with my nice hands, usually, so that's probably not the case. What I actually think it is, is game selection; particularly, too much playing at the higher limits, particularly at the Trump. Little River doesn't have the higher limits, but as I've said, they have tough players, usually; most days their $4/$8 game is the toughest you'll find.

The grisly details:

Date Location Time Limit Results Notes
2/24 PP C.R.4139 3AM-3:40 $3/$6 -$ 46.50
PP C.R.3715 3AM-6:05 $3/$6 -$ 76.50
PP C.R.1983 3:40-:45 $3/$6 +$ 34.00 (AA, AA, KQ, consec'ly)
PP C.R.4789 3:45-6AM $3/$6 +$ 8.00
Trump Gary 2PM-5:45 $3/$6 -$ 7.50 (Stupid hand to Gil)
TOTAL FOR 2/24: -$ 88.50
2/25 PP C.R.3848 8:55-10PM $3/$6 +$ 40.00
PP C.R.8762 8:55-10PM $3/$6 +$ 69.50
TOTAL FOR 2/25: +$109.50
2/26 PP Ice Cream 4:10P-5:30 $3/$6 -$141.50
PP C.R.3689 4:10P-5:30 $3/$6 +$ 41.50
TOTAL FOR 2/26: -$100.00
2/27 PP C.R.5092 7:10A-9:10 $3/$6 +$165.50
PP Haw.Delite 7:15A-9:10 $3/$6 +$ 13.50
Trump Gary ?-? $5/$10 -$117.50
TOTAL FOR 2/27: +$ 61.50
2/28 Little River 12P-12A $4/$8 -$ 11.00 (Big rally and big decline)
TOTAL FOR 2/28: -$ 11.00
2/29 Little River 10AM-2PM $4/$8 -~$100.00 (Tough table)
Little River 2PM-5:30 $4/$8 -$ 21.00 (Table of Dreams)
TOTAL FOR 2/29: -$121.00
3/1 PP C.R.4223 10:35A-1:40 $3/$6 +$242.50 (Steady build)
PP C.R.3647 10:35-11AM $3/$6 +$ 2.00
PP C.R.4103 11AM-1:45 $3/$6 +$ 24.00
PP C.R.4139 8:45P-9:35 $3/$6 -$ 33.50
PP C.R.3689 8:50P-9:40 $3/$6 +$153.50
TOTAL FOR 3/1: +$388.50
TOTAL FOR WEEK 4: +$239.00