Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Week Five Wrapup

Week five was up, in the range it's supposed to be up, but still leaves me a bit unsatisfied.

Week one was absolutely stellar, as I reported, going up (I believe) +$1377. Then, I gave it back and more during weeks two and three, but I've also said that I don't really have a good idea how much I lost. So, I started keeping a log for week four, and registered a small positive gain. And finally, in week five, I registered a gain I think of as "average."

But even though I'm winning, I am given to wonder if I am winning enough. In 500 hands or more a night, I feel like I should be winning more than the 3.5 BB/c, 2.21 BB/hr, that I have been.

Okay, I look at those numbers (I used PokerTracker to filter out sessions from before two weeks ago) and they don't actually seem that bad. Clearly I'm whining about nothing.

But I still want to improve my game. I look at posts like this one that I linked yesterday, and wonder how my game is. Specifically, my preflop raise percentage is lower than the author (responder, really) suggests is appropriate.

I think sometime (later tonight, probably) I'll post up my PokerTracker "more details" for comments. I'll filter it for the last five weeks, or maybe less; there's a few hands of $5/$10, 50¢/$1, $1/$2, $1/$2 6-max, and others which would skew my stats.

Maybe I was wrong about the fish growing up. I'm on a couple of $3/$6 tables right now, and seeing a lot of loose-passive players. Maybe my initial thoughts about playing after midnight are incorrect; maybe the worse players, the recreational players, are playing during the evening. Which makes sense. (Actually, I look where PokerTracker keeps track of how you do by time of day, or day of week, and it's clear that I don't have enough of a statistical universe to draw any kind of conclusions. At all.)

I'm going to attempt an HTML table, here, rather than my usual fixed-width font table--it's got to be easier than replacing spaces with &nbsp;'s to make the table line up.

Date Location Time Limit Results Notes
3/2 PP MTT 11PM 3/1 Limit - 55.00 Finish 196th
Little River3:30PM Limit - 40.00 Tourney, Finish ~25th
PP C.R.9547 9:15P-9:45$3/$6 - 77.00
PP C.R.3043 9:15P-9:50$3/$6 - 28.00
3/2 TOTAL: -200.00
3/3 PP C.R.4222 7:35P-8:55$3/$6 - 34.00
PP C.R.2686 7:35P-8:35$3/$6 - 31.50
PP C.R.1389 8:35P-8:50$3/$6 - 13.00
3/3 TOTAL: - 78.50
3/4 PP C.R.3683 11:30A-11:55$3/$6- 12.00 Server Reset
PP C.R.3715 11:30A-11:55$3/$6- 89.00 Server Reset
PP Bellarista 8:30P-2:10A $3/$6+312.50
PP Over the Horizon 8:30P-9:35 $3/$6- 28.00 moore00--tough
PP It's Your Life 9:40P-2:10A $3/$6+125.63
3/4 TOTAL: +125.63
3/5 PP Bellarista 8:00P-8:35 $3/$6- 42.00
PP A nony loves a...8:00P-9:00 $3/$6- 61.50
PP French Fries 8:35P-9:10 $3/$6- 29.75
PP Connecting Vibes 9:00P-10:40 $3/$6+ 61.50
PP Multiplicity 9:15P-10:40 $3/$6-164.00 Rebuy
PP Jumpin Jacks 9:40P-11:25 $3/$6+ 4.25
PP Gallopin Goose...10:45P-11:20$3/$6- 25.00
PP High Hopes 12:40A-5:30 $3/$6+254.00 $100 rally at end
PP Gold Canyon 12:40A-1:05 $3/$6- 24.00
PP cuckoo's nest 1:05A-5:30 $3/$6+295.75 Deck hit me Huge
3/5 TOTAL: +268.75
3/6 PP Jumpin Jacks 1:10A-2:20 (3/7)$3/$6- 56.50
PP Peanuts 1:10A-2:00 $3/$6+ 36.37 Hdouble on table
PP Brownies 2:05A-4:10 $3/$6+ 12.75
PP Bohemian Rhapsody2:15A-2:45 $3/$6+ 52.00 Hdouble on table early
PP High Hopes 2:50A-3:00 $3/$6- 23.00
PP Chimney Sweeper 3:00A-5:20 $3/$6+ 16.50
PP Captain's Choice 4:10A-6:00 $3/$6+ 27.50
PP Push and Pull 5:20A-6:00 $3/$6- 92.75
3/6 TOTAL: - 27.13
3/7 PP Captain's Choice 12:10A-2:25(3/8)$3/$6- 63.00
PP Flombe 12:10A-1:45 $3/$6- 25.50 Tight
PP Ice Cheese 1:15A-4:40 $3/$6+312.00 Picked high avg pot table
PP On the rocks 2:30A-5:25 $3/$6+ 71.00
PP Tbl 12795 4:40A-5:25 $3/$6- 18.00
3/7 TOTAL: +276.60
3/8 PP Tick-tac-toe ~5P-? 50¢/$1- 9.51 Omaha Hi-lo experiment
PP High Hopes 1:10A-2:10(3/9)$3/$6-108.00
PP Over the Horizon 1:10A-3:05 $3/$6-156.00 Rebuy
PP On the Rocks 2:10A-6:45 $3/$6+112.75
PP cuckoo's nest 3:10A-6:45 $3/$6+ 60.75
3/8 TOTAL: -100.01
WEEK 5 TOTAL: +448.74

Whew! Okay, next time I see if Excel can generate HTML for a table ... this was, like, all hard, and stuff. I'm not sure this was any easier than the fixed-width tables I created the last couple of times. It looks better, though, at least after I see it and tweak it.

The immediate thing that one notices is that the trend seems mostly to be down ... except for a few big days, on a few big tables. I've noticed this when playing, too: My stack trends down, or fluctuates a bit with small pots, until I catch a big huge pot, and then I do the same from the new higher level. I don't know if that's normal; it seems to make sense, but I don't think any of the books I've seen have covered it.

The other thing I notice is a very high variance. Poker tracker reports, for the last two weeks, a Standard Deviation per Hour of $73.54, and a Standard Deviation per 100 Hands of $92.05. I don't know how this stacks up against other players; I'd be interested in hearing about their numbers. In fact, I'd be interested in comments generally. (I'll be posting my Summary a bit later tonight.)