Friday, March 05, 2004

PartyPoker is running this morning a whole string of "BETA test" freeroll multitable tournaments. No-Limit, they are, which isn't my game, but free is free.

My question is this: What are they beta-testing? Hopefully there are enough computer people in my limited audience to understand how that phrase is used in computerdom, but it's not at all clear what they're testing.

Yes, they have a new client, or at least the client's lobby has been tweaked significantly. But what's different in tournament play? Oh: They didn't stop registration at 1000 or 1500, as they have in other free- or nearly free-rolls, so maybe that's it: they tweaked their software such that they can have 2688 people in a tournament without a problem. But with 289 tables, I'm on table #51 and Gil's on table #11 -- luck of the draw that we'll be on our tables for a while (we hope).