Monday, March 15, 2004

Oh, There's No Limit Like No-Limit, Like No Limit I Know

I just took 10th in a $22+2 qualifying super-satellite to a super-satellite to the $25,000 final event at the Bellagio, which gets me a seat in the next super-satellite. I've said for a long time that no-limit isn't my game, but I did well both this time, and the last time I sat a NL MTT, yesterday when I took 27th of 245 for a bubble-ish finish in the same event. So maybe I need to sit more of these NL tournaments, at least the low-buyin ones (for fewer good opponents).

Anyway, now tomorrow night I get to sit a $300+25 NL tourney, where one out of ninety participants get a $27,000 package which includes a $25,000+300 seat in the World Poker Tour finals at the Bellagio in April. Of course, I'm not a favorite, because I have to contend with all of the people who bought in for $325 cash. There will probably be between ten and fifteen seats awarded, but one will have to beat a thousand foes to get one.

Should I clear my calendar for the end of April?