Monday, March 08, 2004

Midweek Sunday Gloaming

Actually, I'm not sure what "gloaming" is, but whatever it is, I think I've been doing it. The word sounds like it means skating along across the top of things, superficially, without ever really getting down into anything really deep. (I could look it up at Merriam-Webster.com, but I don't want to.)

Poker has been going OK, this week, although I haven't been out to the casino since Wednesday. Maybe that's why it's going OK. Bumped into Hdouble at a $3/$6 table last night, which turned out to be pretty tight for Party. St1ckman showed up, as well, two different times on two different tables. The blogger universe is taking over PartyPoker ... we need just to arrange for the fish to send us regular checks, because it's getting harder to find them. The guppies are growing up, and becoming sharks themselves.

It gladdened my heart to see Hdouble wasn't doing so well, either -- I thought I was the only one running bad last night. It ended up not horrid, a loss of $27.13, but a depressing result for five hours' play.

PokerTracker and Me

I've been looking for guidelines on analyzing one's play using PokerTracker. I haven't found them, but I did find this post out of the 2+2 forums regarding keeping track of the people you play against. Seeing as how I'm seeing a lot of the same people on the tables, and the tables are tightening up, I think I like this idea. It looks like NOTES.TXT, in the PartyPoker folder, can easily have data entered into it manually.

That might be a project for some night of cards, maybe even this night; enter notes on all the players for whom I have more than some arbitrary number of hands ... somewhere from 25 to 50 hands or more, put notes together for the person -- even if many of those people no longer play on Party.

On the other hand, the database created by PokerTracker is an Access database. I don't know a lot about Access, but it seems like it should be possible to have that program (Gil has the student version of Office, and I have a beta) create a report in a format that is readable by PartyPoker. Well, an excuse to learn Access.

I'm still looking for a good guide to using PokerTracker to evaluate one's play; if someone can point me in the right direction, let me know.