Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The Maniac (Aggressivus maniacus)

As I go down the drain in the WPT supersatellite I qualified for (I took a nice pot early, then made two stupid plays that have me down to 455 chips), I thought I'd mention the biggest maniac that I've ever seen, ever, in the history of the universe, any time, any place, any anything. I was on a table this morning when TORO46 sat down with $620. He then proceeded to play every single hand until he lost all but about $5. By the way, when I say "every single hand," I mean that he played every single hand.

I'm missing some hands in PokerTracker, apparently, because I only show a loss for him of $320, but over the 138 hands I have logged for him, PokerTracker shows a VP$IP (voluntarily put money into pot) of 99.28%. I investigated, and it turns out that he put money into the 138th hand, too; PokerTracker missed it somehow. But the fun doesn't stop there. He raised before the flop 76% of the time, and went to showdown an incredible 71% of the time.

The sad thing is that I didn't catch much of this; the hands PokerTracker knows about show that I won only $17 from him specifically, and I lost over $100 on the table as a whole. Of course, all but $50 of it I'd lost before he sat down, but man, was that a fun table for a while.

Fortunately I made a rally in the afternoon to finish the day with a small gain. (Of course, I could yet win a seat at the Bellagio ...)