Sunday, February 08, 2004

The whole night went like that [the post from two hours ago]. In 2.5 hours, I went up over $400, because my monster hands also happened to drag monster pots. I won three hands worth over $200 apiece (at $5/$10), and a number of smaller hands. This after getting discouraged like I wrote earlier ...

I like poker again.

In a little while I venture westward to join BG in a NL game with over half new players, I read; it might be like playing in that "Celebrity Poker" thingy on TV where you just wish you could sit at the same table as some of those idiots.

I hope.

A couple of my fellow bloggers pointed out Saturday Night Live's take on Bravo's Celebrity Poker; I thought that whoever wrote it clearly knew a thing or two about poker but it looked mostly like a chance to rip on their chosen celebrities. And Kevin Pollack. "You're not funny, stop it, just stop it."