Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well, I closed that table up about $350 after being up more than $400 at one point, which is refreshing. But the $50+5 I play afterward doesn't go anywhere, and I finish (I believe) 132d. Mostly no cards, if I remember correctly. The fellow on the $3/$6 that I goaded into entering the MTT goes out 187th, so I can feel good about putting his dead money in the pot, too.

I'm starting to think about "getting on the boat," or getting into PartyPoker's annual huge tournament (the PartyPoker Million III). The last set of semi-finals, which get one on the boat (the tournament is on a cruise ship), is in a week or two. I'd really like to be on the boat, because a shot at a top prize that should be in the $1,500,000 range is, for some odd reason, really attractive.

So I'm starting to enter tournaments that will qualify me for "getting on the boat." The first one is in twenty minutes or so, a $9+1 that gets one into a $150+10 "super satellite" on Thursday night. Of course, I'll have to rearrange my work schedule to play that tournament, but I'm really close to throwing that place over anyway.

It's weird ... over the course of the last two months or so, moving to Vegas to play cards all the time has gone from "something that would be neat but I'd probably never do" to "something I might do next fall" to "something I might do in the next couple of weeks."

Can one live off the fish in $4/$8 games?