Sunday, February 01, 2004

No tournaments today, after going out really early of that $200+15 last night. I don't think I'm playing optimally.

So I've been playing $3/$6 ... after a dismal morning (subjective morning), I've found a nice table and gone up nearly $300 in a couple of hours, more than making up for what I lost this morning.

So my bankroll is again at about $1000, even after spending, lessee, around $450 on tournaments I didn't cash.

If I'm still up for the 2AM tourney, I may give it a shot.

Gil and I are supposed to go to Manistee tomorrow for some $4/$8. Dave is supposed to come, but I'm not sure we'll talk him into sitting a game. He sees the money he'd buy in for as wasted, instead of as it truly is: tuition.

Dave has good instincts in the fake-money games, despite a tendency to be a bit too tight. If it is possible that he's beaten, he'll fold, even if he has a decent hand (like top pair/top kicker). It's hard to tell somebody to fold less ...