Friday, February 20, 2004

Moving the Site

I want to fancy up the site a bit, although gradually; I don't know a whole lot of fancy HTML tricks and the whole CSS thing is still a mystery to me. (Meaning, I haven't devoted any time to learning it; in my youth I was a programmer and some of that still applies to whatever the language is these days.)

But Blogspot isn't a great place to fancy up a site; particularly, one can't add images to the site unless one pays for it. Not that I want to add a LOT of images, truly, but I like the way a couple of the blogs out there are set up, with a real title banner and the occasional illustration.

But I don't know whom I should choose as the host of my site, or whom I should use to register a domain. Suggestions are welcome.

Killing the $3/$6 Game

I hope it's really just that I'm good, because I was doing this to the $5/$10 tables two weeks ago and then promptly lost it. But with two tables, three and a half hours, I pocketed $280.50, $80/hr, $40/hr per table or about 7BB/hr per table.

It's a lot nicer to post my good days ... the sparsity of my posts last week wasn't entirely due to me being in Chicago a lot.

In the early going of a $30+3 MTT now ... took a couple of OK pots and am at T$1295 but it's still VERY early, 511 left out of 530. (They go out slower in a Limit tourney.)