Saturday, February 21, 2004

Moving, part II

I've got a few comments (below) to my post yesterday about moving the blog. A couple of good suggestions. There's space available to me at a couple of friends' sites, and I do know Blogger can be set up to put the page at a third-party site. (The first incarnation of this site is/was at GeoCities, so I know this for a fact.)

But I've got from a few people a definite vibe that "Blogger Sucks." Why? Their site hasn't eaten anything of mine, the software seems flexible enough. I don't pay them anything, so I can't use images that they don't host, but that's not the end of the world. I've had trouble getting images I've stored on Geocities to appear, but that might be Geocities' problem, in that they don't want images on their free accounts to appear elsewhere, free of ads.

I've heard TypePad, I've heard MovableType, and I've heard others. Someone run me through, particularly, why I'd want/need to switch from Blogger?

(Note: I'm not ruling out moving away from Blogger, out of hand; if there's better, and a reason I should switch, I'll switch.)