Saturday, February 07, 2004

Just Wondering ...

If an FTD franchise cost too much, would you say You Can't Be a Florist for the Fees?

And now for something completely different

... like poker news.

After a down day on Thursday (around $100, methinks) Gil and I went up to Manistee to play at the casino there. He was down a little on Friday, up a little on Saturday; I was up a bit over $100 both days. The room was comped, so it was a weekend well spent.

Apparently Little River's next tournament is this Tuesday; they're accepting call-ins beginning tomorrow morning. Gil and I will probably go up; I got the impression that the tournament brings out a number of fish. And, if you buy, rebuy, and add-on, it's $55, and I can't see me not making the final table to get that back.

Hopefully BG gets with me tomorrow about that soft game he's mentioned -- no-limit isn't my game but I like my chances, against people who don't play well.

Speaking of no-limit, it's something I have to learn, despite BG's poor experience with a pot-limit ring. Maybe I'll commit myself to, on days where I make my nut early, to toss $25 into one of PartyPoker's cash games and see how much of a fool I make of myself. (I tried it a couple of times, long ago, and lost my $25 quickly.)

I think maybe the rest of today is a "watch old movies" day.