Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The End of Week One

I consider February 3 to be the official date that I turned pro, even though I didn't quit my job until the next day. Partially this is because 02-03-04 is easy to remember, but I think the decision was made that day.

If my nut is $500 (net) a week, I more than made that this first week. Online, I made around $977 (exactly $977, if I assume I started the wek with $1000 in my PP account, but I think it was slightly more). Live, I made $414. So my net for the week is up $1391, or a wee bit more than the $500 I actually needed.

I can't entirely credit my stellar play. The cards have been falling my way. And fortunately, even on the $5/$10 tables, there are plenty of people who will follow one all the way to the river even when one has a monster hand, so my monster hands have (mostly) been dragging monster pots.

So, thus far, it looks like it's been a good career move.

The Evils of Dave

Note: Don't let Dave near your computer. Comments recently added on this site have no connection to me, excepting that the person who made that was in my computer room. I was probably crashing a car into a wall at the time and didn't notice what he was doing.

On the other hand, Dave's poker skills are coming along. He has been going through that stretch where one gets frustrated about the other players not playing rationally, and considers jumping up in limits where they (in theory) do play rationally. Of course, I discouraged that thought. I came across a great line in CardPlayer once, to the effect of, if you can't beat players who don't know what they're doing, why do you think you can beat players who do know what they're doing?

I don't have to reiterate what so many others in the blogosphere have to say about the dollar/half tables on PartyPoker -- play good hands, accept the bad beats for what they are (he called with a worse hand!), and go on.

Well, I'm currently up about $180 on a $5/$10, so week two progresses nicely ...