Thursday, February 05, 2004

Day Two

Well, I mentioned somewhere (in a comment, I think) that I made $250 before I quit Lowes, so I left feeling pretty good. I did give back about $100 or $150 of that that evening, but I had made my nut.

Day two is being more problematic. I played four or five hours of $5/$10 for a profit of ... $9.

After dinner, I decided to drop down to $3/$6, with a hope of better luck (or fishier players), and so far I'm down $14.

I feel the same way I often feel at a live game: I can handle being up (in fact I prefer it), and I can handle being down. The one thing I can't handle, is being even. Why the hell am I playing to break even?

I understand that, really, breaking even is a victory, because it means you're beating the rake, but there's no psychological victory there. And, even if in my case it's OK to not make my nut today, I do need to make it.

But breaking even still isn't very much fun.