Wednesday, January 28, 2004

This is getting scary.

After my $1600 second-place in a Party MTT last Tuesday, and my $2125 first-place at the Orleans on Sunday, and my $1101 fifth-place in another Party MTT on Monday, I cash (sort of) in another $30 MTT on Tuesday when PartyPoker breaks. They split the pot among the 87 players remaining at that point, which means my $30 got me $131 or so.

Now, I'm virtually certain to cash in another $30 buyin MTT; we're down to about 50 and the top 40 pay, and I'm above average. (I have been catching some pretty good cards.) Tonight's $150+12 is looking more and more attractive.

Maybe this is my new job: to play Party MTT's. If I can continue to cash a bunch of them, I don't need Lowes. I mean, geez, I've made $5000 in a week of playing cards.