Saturday, January 17, 2004

Testing, Testing ...

Although this is mostly a test of the neato-keen graphic I stole off some bible-thumper's site, I do have poker news to report, although not very interesting stuff.

After two wins with QQ at last night's $200 tourney, it is no longer my least-profitable hand, and now is firmly ensconced among my more profitable hands.

I played some $1/$2 after the Detroit Tigers whomped the Colorado Rockies 19-4, and did great at one table, poorly at another, and ended up $21 ahead. Today, after a shitty day at work (ye gods, I hate that place), I won a $10 single-table, but ended up middle-of-the-pack in a $30 MTT. Net profit thus far today: $6. But the night is young.