Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Sometimes you feel like a nut

I bought in last night, on a whim, to a $100+9 limit tournament. Stupid whim, as there was only $250 or so in my PartyPoker account, but I did it. Now that I've played it, I'm pissed at myself about it.

Not that I lost. Not that I lost early. But there were so many freaking maniacs on the table ... one guy three-bet the flop when I limped, and ended up winning the hand with two pair when he showed ... 2 5 offsuit! It's not that this happened, because I know three-betting with a hand like that is so stupid that it makes the other players a lot of money in the long run, even if the three-better hits his hand occasionally. I'm annoyed that the game was so loose-aggressive, and that I wasn't getting the cards to take advantage of it. I'm not sure I can take advantage of it; I run against it so seldom. The players I see are tight-aggressive, tight-passive, and occasionally loose-passive.

The conventional wisdom is only play superpremium hands. What happens when you don't get any? In a tournament? Do you accept losing the tournament because you didn't get superpremium hands? I have to assume that those loose-aggressive players didn't win either, without some supreme luck, but they take out so MANY with them ...

On a positive note, I finished a few hours ago a PartyPoker multitable tournament, $9+$1, limit, with the top 5 places paying a seat in this Friday's big $200+15 tournament. As faithful readers (both of them) know, I already have a seat in said tournament, so I just got the $215. I'm geeked about this, quite happy, although truth be told I'd be happier if I got Third out of 1234 instead of Third out of 123.

I'd hope that this bodes well for my Friday tournament, that I got two seats, but I immediately followed the first super-satellite with another for the same main event. In fact, for some time I was playing the second tournament whilst still at the final table in the earlier one. My 76th (out of 242, IIRC) isn't totally unrespectable but I'd like to have done better.

So although when I started this entry I was pissed about that $100 tourney, now, I'm not so much. I'm even considering a $30+3 at 1AM; it's a little over an hour away, but I'm fading a bit, long day, so maybe I won't be awake then. I probably shouldn't be.