Thursday, January 15, 2004

Lousy cards last night. Lousy, lousy cards.

I bought into a $50+5 limit tourney. No cards at all; I think my best hand was KJo, and I didn't flop to it. Oh, maybe I had an AKo, too, but I didn't flop to that either. I was one of the first 100 people out.

So, OK, bad cards, shit happens. I bought into a $10+1 single-table tournament, still no cards, finished fifth. Shortly after that started, the table opened where I used my freeroll for one of the $25 PartyPoker Million satellites, and finished about fifth again. Maybe fourth. In any case, not in the money.

I'm signed up for a $30+3 at 1AM; hopefully it goes better, because I don't want to keep that particular streak going.

I've missed getting some tournament summaries into PokerTracker. Stupid reason: I bust out of a tournament, and I really want to know what the other guy had who busted me, but the window asking "do you want a tournament summary" is blocking his hand, and I click "no" really fast so I can see what he had. I'll have to start clicking "yes" really fast, of course, but in the meantime my PokerTracker database, although it includes all my tournament hands, doesn't include all of the tournaments themselves. I wonder if I can reconstruct the tournaments from the hand histories, and manually put them in? Bah, a lot of work for little gain.

Dylan just signed on; maybe he's up for a little $1/$2 before my big tournament starts.