Saturday, January 17, 2004

Down in Flames!

Well, now I can spend my time qualifying for NEXT week's Friday tournament. Oh, wait, I can't, I'll be in Vegas when it runs. Farn, I'll just have to suffer.

For the record, I finished 338th out of 873 entrants, and a top prize just short of $40,000. The top 70 places paid, so I wasn't very close.

I don't really fault my play, because the hands I did the worst with were the sets that got busted. I did have a hand or two where I "knew" that my opponent had a particular (winning) hand, but I called it down anyway. I have to lose the habit of calling it down just to prove I was right.

Now I'm semi-stuck: I don't know what I want to do. Winning $10 or $20 playing $1/$2 just doesn't appeal to me at the moment. Maybe I'll play a game or two in my High Heat Baseball season; I haven't played that game in months.