Sunday, January 11, 2004

--The day continues.

I have the day off today, so I can relaunch web pages, and do laundry, and play poker. Usually, say four days out of five, on my off days I go play poker in a bricks-and-mortar cardroom. Today I didn't, although my roommate/landlord/Gil has been gone all day, so perhaps he went without me. Perhaps he even tried to wake me up and I said no, but I don't remember that. So, online poker today.

After sitting for a couple of hours playing $1/$2 and ending up down $15 (I wonder if I'm being too weak-tight?), the 3PM $30 limit tournament started. Without ever really doing much, I went up and down, topping out at T$4195 before busting out 61st out of 450ish. Not that bad, but the top 50 paid. I made an ill-advised all-in reraise when everyone folded to the button, he raised, and I with A5d reraised all-in. The BB folded, and neither of us helped, so the AJo he showed held up.

People weren't dropping that quickly at that point, so I don't know if I could have made the money, but I probably shouldn't have raised all-in even if his hand DID look like a steal. I can't be too hard on myself that hand, though; by rights I should have been out of the tournament long before. I'd been all-in several times and pulled through, once through making two pair on the river.

So, I added a "Comments" link to my entries here, thanks to Haloscan, and started up a $10 single-table limit tournament. I'll consider playing the 9PM limit tournament, the Friday Special qualifier, mostly because it's $10. I already have a seat in that tourney ($200+15, limit; top prize routinely $40-50K), so if I place in the qualifying tourney I get the $200+15.

No cards yet in the STT, but this way I get to test out my changes to the "Comments" thingy.