Wednesday, January 21, 2004

At the fourth break, we're down to 9 at the final table, and I'm the fucking chip leader!

I was down to T$7000 with blinds of $1000/$2000, and went all-in with KQo, which looked grim ... until the river spiked me a 9 to make the K-high straight, and I beat KK and AA in the process.

Then I called down "IronBluffalo," who pushed with nothing ... that could beat my ATs, anyway. Up to about T$50,000 now.

Then, my huge hand, I raised with A9h, and got called ... and flopped 995. I paused just long enough to represent the 5, and bet ... and got raised. I reraised. The turn brought me the case 9, and I was still being bet into! T$90,000 later, he turns over 77, figuring 99977 beats 99955, and I am sitting on T$115,000.

I've taken a bit of a beating since then, but I'm still chip leader at T$95,000 with 7 left. We're at level 17, with blinds of T$2000 and T$4000, and still going ...