Friday, February 22, 2002

An amusing quote, from my bathroom reading. (Richard Cavendish, ed., 1980. Mythology: An Illustrated Encyclopedia. London: Orbis Publishing Limited.)

A witch ... was believed to be a member of a gigantic conspiracy, organized and led by the Devil, whose aim was to destroy Christianity, degrade all decent values, overturn the established order, set the poor against the rich and the young against the old, and bring society down in ruins.

Sounds to me like the platform of the Democratic Party.

(Although those most likely to read this will fully understand why I say that, for others, I should perhaps explain. The causes which Democrats often choose bespeak a hostility to Christianity, even if their aim is not to "destroy" it. For example, the ACLU fights student-led prayer at football games, and nativity scenes at city hall, while simultaneously fighting to preserve a place for minority religions (Islam, Buddhism, Native American practices, etc.) in some of those same places. I would point to progressives' (Democrats') very self-definition as being an escape from the status quo, which one could say means a desire to "degrade all decent values" and "overturn the established order." The Democratic Party's defense of, and attempts to expand, a bloated welfare state cannot help but set the poor against the rich. (Indeed, their campaign rhetoric unabashedly excoriates the rich.) Their attempts to expand Medicare and Social Security at the expense of younger workers sets the young against the old. I'll grant them this: They probably mean well. They probably don't actually want to "bring society down in ruins," whatever the results of their platform.)

It might be fun to have a Democrat take me on, on this. Click my mailto link here or on the left, and remove NOSPAM from your "To:" line (twice). I might even excerpt parts of the exchange on the site. Then again, I might not.