Tuesday, December 18, 2001

This marks the first actual entry in my weblog, although I intend to back-date several things before this entry (assuming I'm clever enough to figure that out). [Archivist's note: I did, in 2004, when that functionality was a regular part of Blogger.]

Every web page that I've ever seen that was supposed to be updated periodically, unless it is wealthy enough to pay people, has somewhere in the updates, and perhaps everywhere in the updates, said something to the effect of "Sorry this page hasn't been updated in a while. I plan to do better."

Well, I'm telling you up front that this page will probably (likely) go through several periods of inactivity. Months will go by between updates on occasion. Since I don't plan on being apologetic about it, in the future, I'll get one blanket apology in, right now.

Sorry this page hasn't been updated in a while.

(I feel better.) At this time the page is called "Muppets and Mormons." No reason; those were two words that came to mind. And, hey, if I ever decide to register a domain for this site, I'm guessing "muppetsandmormons.com" will remain available for a long time. Having a brain which concatenates things which have nothing to do with each other can be a blessing. No offense intended to any Muppets that may be reading this. As for Mormons, well, if they take offense then they're just too high-strung.